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Minor in Engineering

The engineering minor includes courses in introductory engineering, statics, dynamics, electrical circuits and devices, and digital systems. This minor would prepare students for employment or continued study in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. (This minor does not qualify a student to take the professional engineering exam.)

A minor in engineering requires a minimum of 18 hours of engineering course work. All minor programs must be approved on the degree plan by the chair of the department. The requirements for the minor in engineering are

  • ENGR 1301/1001 - Foundations of Engineering I
  • ENGR 2305/2105 - Linear Circuit Analysis I
  • ENGR 2401/2001 - Engineering Statics
  • ENGR 3421/3021 - Engineering Dynamics
  • ENGR 3343/3043 - Digital Systems
The prerequisite for the course are as follows:
  • MATH 2313 - Calculus I
  • MATH 2314 - Calculus II
  • PHYS 2325 - Physics I
  • PHYS 2326 - Physics II
A student majoring in physics may minor in engineering, but those courses that are applied to the minor cannot be applied to the major at the same time unless the student has a second minor from another department.

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